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Abstractive Compression of Captions with Attentive Recurrent Neural Networks

I presented our work on abstractive compression with attentive RNNs at the INLG conference in Edinburgh. We paired long with short image descriptions and trained an attentive bidirectional LSTM on those pairs. We show that the resulting generated compressions are abstractive and are comparable with human written compressions in terms of quality of form and content. The poster is below!


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SatiricLR: a Language Resource of Satirical News Articles

At LREC in Portoro┼ż, Slovenia I presented work by Alice Frain and me on the Satirical Language Resource: a dataset containing a balanced collection of satire and non satire news articles in various domains. The poster can be found below! The dataset can be found here.

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Analyzing a Confession

Warning: this blog post contains spoilers for the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer

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